Burma: An Enchanted Spirit

$ 85.00


Traveling by canoe, plane, boat, train, on foot and hitching a ride on the occasional dump truck, photographer David Heath crossed some of the most remote Burmese terrain to capture the unique images found in the pages of this book. “I aspired to convey the soul of the beautiful Burmese people, their mystical culture and mysterious customs, in the most artistic way possible”.

The book notably includes a handwritten endorsement by renowned 1991 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Burmese activist Aung San Suu Kyi, Chairperson of the National League for Democracy: "Truly an enchanting book - the pictures reflect the beauty and diversity of Burma faithfully."

Each leather bound oversized coffee table photo book contains an author’s introduction and dedication as well as a brief history of Burma inside its 248 pages. 13.75 by 10.5 inches. A percentage of sales from each book sold will be used to fund the building and development of schools in Myanmar. To see the first school, click here.

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